How do I purchase tickets?

- Tickets can only be purchased via our Eventbrite ticket selling page on the 'tickets' tab. We recommend only buying official tickets, as buying from third parties could result in your ticket being declined at Will Call. All tickets will be available up until the week of the event, or until they sell out. We may decide to add more tickets to 'sold out' options at a later date.

Can my child get in to the event for free?

- If your child is ten years old or under, they can come to our event for free. You will still need to 'purchase' a free ticket for them from Eventbrite. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult (18+).

Why are the ticket prices all recurring numbers?

- It is believed that seeing repeating or recurring numbers is a sign that something magical and divine is happening in your life! Each set of recurring numbers has a special spiritual meaning.

What happens if my favourite special guest cancels? Can I get a refund?

- Although it is unlikely for guests to cancel, sometimes it can happen and it will be completely out of our control. When you buy a ticket to our event, you are committing to the whole experience and we would still encourage you to attend.

We cannot refund tickets for this reason. However, we will refund any extras purchased for the cancelled guest.

What is the refund policy?

- We are unable to refund any tickets purchased under any circumstance, unless in the case that for any reason out of our control the event is cancelled.

What is Will Call and when can I go there?

- Will Call is the box office. It is where you will need to go to exchange your Eventbrite tickets for official wristbands and vouchers. We will not mail out wristbands or tickets, and you will need to bring your Eventbrite purchased tickets with you either in printed form or on your phone for us to scan. Will Call will open Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 8am-12pm, Sunday 8am-12pm. These are the only times we will have someone at Will Call to help with ticket exchange and any ticket related questions. Please plan your schedule to ensure that you can get to Will Call before it closes.

Can I purchase tickets and extras at the event?

- General admission tickets and extras can only be purchased online before the event weekend. We will not be selling any tickets at Will Call.

What kind of food/drink is included in the refreshments and buffet lunch?

- As part of the theme of a well-being retreat, our event is 100% plant-based and vegan friendly. We will also have options for those who are gluten intolerant. All of our food and drink options will have ingredients listed with each dish for those with specific allergies. We ask attendees who are non-vegan to please be respectful, and we encourage you to try our delicious range of options provided for us by the venues amazing chefs. You are welcome to bring drinks and snacks with you to the event, but we ask that you do not bring anything containing animal products.

How do I sign up to volunteer?

- We are not accepting applications for volunteers, crew, or staff for our event.

How do I find the weekend schedule?

- The weekend schedule will be posted on our social media platforms as it starts to come together. Please bare with us as we want to make sure it is perfect before releasing it for you to be able to start planning your weekend.

I'm disabled/attending with someone who has a disability. Are you able to accommodate this?

- Absolutely! Our fantastic venue is spacious and accommodating for wheelchair access. If you have any specific worries or questions regarding this, please email

What is the bag policy?

- Bag searches may take place at any point throughout the weekend by our staff or by venue managers. Please do not bring bags bigger than a standard backpack to Will Call or inside the event space. Suitcases and any large luggage can be stored at the hotel reception.

What can I bring to autograph sessions to be signed?

- We will provide 8x10 professional prints for our special guests who are signing autographs. It is at the guests and their personal assistant's discretion if they choose to sign personal items that you bring with you. Please do not be disappointed if the answer is no. Each individual guest has their own rules that we have to abide by.

How many people can be in each photo op?

- You can have a maximum of two adults and two children per photo op ticket. If you wish to have more than two adults in the photo, you will need to purchase an extra photo op ticket for that guest.

Will I be able to take selfies with special guests?

- Selfies are not included and cannot be purchased separately. We ask that you avoid asking our guests for selfies, as they are unlikely to say no to you but asking them can make them feel uncomfortable. Our guests are human and we want them to have an enjoyable and relaxed experience at our event along with all of the attendees. If you wish to take photos of you with our guests, please purchase a photo op.

What happens at panels?

- Panels take place on our main stage and are generally interactive. We have some exciting things planned for our panel schedule so keep checking for updates. This is also an opportunity for attendees to ask guests questions during their panel time.

What is breathwork?

- Breathwork is magical and has the power to transform your entire life. Please go to the Empower The Powerful website to find out more.

What is your cosplay policy?

- Although our event is a little different from your average fan convention, we still love and encourage cosplay. Please do not bring any fake weapons including guns as part of your cosplay as these will be confiscated.

If we failed to answer your question here, please email us on one of the contacts listed on the 'contact us' page.

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