Worlds Collide Convention & Well-Being Retreat is a weekend getaway located on the outskirts of London, providing the opportunity for you to meet actors from your favourite shows, lose yourself in live music, then find yourself again with help from some of the best professionals in well-being and conscious coaching.

We are bringing the arts from all different worlds to you for this very special and unique weekend long event, with something for everyone from all walks of life.


Our aim is to provide an escape from everyday life, allowing you to immerse yourself in new experiences, and to learn, grow, and thrive like never before. The event will run over three days; Friday 5th June to Sunday 7th June 2020.

In attendance we will have actors from various popular shows available for fan meet & greets, workshops, autographs, photo ops, and panel talks, musicians of different genres for live music sessions and karaoke, and conscious coaches providing self-discovery workshops, themed yoga, guided meditation, and breathwork sessions. The event is 100% vegan, and a lunch buffet and refreshments will be included in entry tickets.

Our special guests offering their services at this event are international and some of the best in the business.


This event is YOURS!

It's time to get creative. Our standard general admission entry ticket means that you can make this event anything you want it to be. Buy your General Admission pass, then choose for yourself what you want to experience over the event weekend.


Passion For Talent Management, Events & Promotion was founded as a passion project, with the vision of providing a diverse platform to positively impact and change lives.

Our founder first birthed the idea of the passion project after spending years working closely with talent in the fan convention and music industries, as a personal assistant at events and as a tour manager booking live music shows internationally. This area of work sparked an interest in creating something that would ultimately inspire others and help them to take steps towards changing the life path they are on.

The passion project is forever evolving, but our mission will always remain to help others on their life journey. So far this has involved collaborating with artists across a wide spectrum to help them to succeed in their industry, and holding fund-raising events for vital charities and organisations.

We strive to be an ethical and vegan business, and we take this into consideration when collaborating and organising events. 

Worlds Collide Convention & Well-Being Retreat will be our biggest event to date, and we are so excited to see what we can do for others on a larger scale.


Will-Call Hours

Friday: 10am-5pm

Saturday: 8am-12pm

Sunday: 8am-12pm

Event Hours

Friday Activities: 1pm-5pm

Friday Night Karaoke: 7pm-10.30pm

Saturday: 10am-6pm

Saturday Opening Ceremony: 10am-10.30am

Saturday Activities: 10.30am-5pm

Saturday Lunch Break: 12pm-1pm

Saturday Autographs: 5pm-6pm

Saturday Night Concert: 8pm-11pm

Sunday: 10am-5.30pm

Sunday Activities: 10am-4pm

Sunday Lunch Break: 12pm-1pm

Sunday Autographs: 4pm-5pm

Sunday Closing Ceremony: 5pm-5.30pm

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